Punks 12px, first is first!
600+ / 10000 Minted

  • Punks 12px is a free self inscribe collection, only the first confirmed inscription of each image (in 12x12px) is counted as part of the collection.
  • You can check a punk's availability by using the check button below it's image. NOTE: This doesn't include any unconfirmed inscriptions, you can check unconfirmed inscriptions on Unisat.
  • The status of the punk will appear on the bottom right of the page, if it's free; right click save as .PNG and inscribe using your favorite service.
  • Confirmed taken punks will appear grayed out, updates on confirmed taken punks will happen periodically.
  • Always use the check button as some punks will be inscribed but not be confirmed taken.
  • Questions? Comments? Join the ordbase community discord.